Bodybuilding Sector

Design and manufacture of complete bodies or of specific components. Design, folding, welding, painting and mounting of rubber, fences … as well as complete electrical installation.

Bodywork cranes rescue heavy vehicles

Design and manufacture of complete bodywork for rescue cranes made completely custom-made. Manufactured in aluminum, with stainless steel interior supports to store tools, doors with locks with key and led lighting.

Car body farming vehicles

Design and manufacture of bodywork for agricultural vehicles made completely custom-made. Made of steel, with metal or polyester doors and locks with key.

Side covers and rear coaches

Manufacture of side and back covers of coaches. Manufactured in aluminum both the outer plate and the inner tubular structure, with covers for access to tanks, ventilation grilles …

Polyester front and rear coaches

Design of front and rear coaches. 3D CAD model + physical model in wood or other material according to the complexity and sizes of the piece, molds and first units of pieces, as well as the subsequent series manufacture.

Interior structures

Interior supports and bars, air channels, screens … whether metallic or combined with other materials (polyurethane, glass …).