Other sectors

In addition to the sectors of the railway and bodywork we commented on, we have also done projects for other sectors such as industrial air conditioning, vehicle reform projects or even domestic projects for individuals.

Industrial cold

Insulation boxes for turbines, radiators and other components. Metal boxes with tubular structure or with folded sheet, with different types of insulation material and the necessary internal supports.

Camera supports, detectors

Support structures for informational screens, camcorders or presence detectors, with a wall or with a footrest to be fixed to the ground …

Bus reform projects

Reform of various coaches. Installation of wheelchairs, trailer couplings or complete remodeling such as a coach for use as offices, mobile blood bank or VIP vehicle with sofas, showers …

Projects camper vehicles

Refurbishment projects for vans to use as a fully customized camper vehicle. Bed, table, kitchen, skylights, solar panels …

Private house fence

Design and manufacture of tanks and railings for private houses or commercial premises. Totally made to measure and with possibility of installation at home.